Campaigning in BJMP Jails for the 2016 Synchonized National and Local Elections.

Clarificatory Opinion on the Effectivity of Original and Promotional Appointment in the Government Service – Dated: 17 Nov 2016.

Clarificatory Opinion re: Confirmation Prior to Execution of Decision in Administrative Cases Imposing the Penalty of Removal/Dismissal from the Service – Dated: 15 Dec 2015.

Comment and Recommendation on the Request of Ex-JO1 Randy L Sanchez for Re-Employment – Dated: 06 Nov 2015.

Comment on the Draft Memorandum Circular that Prescribes the Guidelines, Policies and Procedures in the Detail of Personnel to Other Agencies and Units – Dated: 14 Oct 2015.

Comment on the Draft Memorandum Circular that Prescribes the Guidelines, Policies and Procedures in the Detail of Personnel to Other Agencies and Units – Dated: 19 Oct 2015.

Comment on the Proposed Guidelines, Policies, and Procedure in the Transfer / Reassignment of Personnel – Dated: 19 Jan 2016.

Comment on the Request for Copy of Decisions an Admin Cases Re: Escape Incidents – Dated: 06 Jun 2016.

Comment re: Additional Guidelines for the Proper Observance of Security Protocol in Protection of the Bureau’s Classified Information – Dated: 14 Mar 2016.

Comment re: Claim of MA JADE R UNASIN to Avail of the Survivorship Pension of Her Father, the Late SJO3 RONILO U UNASIN (RET) – Dated: 29 Sept 2016.

Comment re: Comment on the Observation on the Conduct of “PNP Oplan Galugad” in Our Jails – Dated: 06 Feb 2017.

Comment re: DHRD Compendium of Policies on Training and Memorandum Circular on the Creation of Personnel Development Committee (PDC) – Dated: 15 Dec 2016.

Comment re: Draft Compendium of Policies on Contraband Management In Jails – Dated: 01 Feb 2017.

Comment re: Establishment and Regulation of Jail Commissary – Dated: 10 Oct 2016.

Comment re: Guidelines in Proper Handling of Firearms, Ammunition and Reloading Machine – Dated: 19 Oct 2016.

Comment re: Proposed Definition of “Kubol” in Jails – Dated: 14 Dec 2016.

Comment re: Rectification in the Inclusion of Previous Government Services for Purposes of Longevity Pay – Dated: 04 Jan 2017.

Comment re: Request of Ex-JO2 Nornita B Lazo for Reemployment in the Jail Service – Dated: 17 Nov 2016.

Comment re: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on “Alert Status” – Dated: 17 Jan 2017.

Draft Memorandum Circular re: Implementation of RA 7160 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) on Local Government Unit Assistance to the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology – Dated: 08 Feb 2017.

Filing and Publication of Issued Rules and Regulations by the BJMP with the UP Law Center – Dated: 08 Oct 2015.

Guidance in the Conduct of Drug Test Among Persond Deprived of Liberty -Dated: 27 Oct 2016.

Guidance on the Request for List of Personnel Found Positive of Illegal Drugs – Dated: 25 January 2017.

Guidance re: Withdrawal from Co-Management of Davao Del Norte District Jail – Dated: 07 Mar 2017.

Guidelines in the issuance of Mission or Letter Orders by Heads of Law Enforcement Agencies.

Guidelines on the Issuance of Mission Oreder/Memorandum Receipts – Dated: 20 Apr 2015.

Inputs/Comments on BJMP Inmate Food Service Procurement – Dated: 14 Dec 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Reckoning Date of BJMP Anniversary for the Purpose of the Grant of Anniversary Bonus – Dated: 11 Apr 2016.

Legal Opinion: on the Pay Allowances and Other Benefits of SJO2 VICTORINO A MANGAOANG While in Detention – Dated: 12Dec 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Application of Atty. Marchito G. Sorono for New Appointment to the Rank of Jail Senior Inspector – Dated: 06 Oct 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Carrying of Firearms Outside Residence of BJMP Personnel Vis-a-vis Republic Act No. 10591, Otherwise Known as the “Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunitions Act of 2013 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations – Dated: 06 Oct 2015.

Legal Opinion re: Clarification Concerning Special Financial Assitance Pursuant to R.A. 6963, Otherwise Known as An Act Granting Financial Assistance and Benefits to the Family or Permanently Incapacitated While in the Performance of Duty or By Reason of His Office or Position and for other Purposes – Dated: 20 Dec 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Clarification on the term “Division Chief or its Equivalent” as stated in the Memorandum Issued by the Secretary, DILG on Delegation of Authority – Dated: 09 Aug 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Collection of “Calling Fee” By an Inmate from His Fellow – Dated: 05 Dec 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Conduct of Random Drug Testing Among Persons Deprived of Liberty Inside BJMP Jails – Dated: 17 August 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Disposition of Money Confiscated During the Conduct of Operation Galugad at Cebu City Jail-Male Dormitory -Dated: 20 Feb 2017.

Legal Opinion re: Duration of Mission Order/Letter Order Involving Carrying of Firearms – Dated: 07 Jan 2016.

Legal Opinion re: JO3 LITO V TOPIA – Dated: 08 Nov 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Legal Beneficiary of the Survivorship Pension Benefits of the Late SUPT ERNEST J ROMERO (Ret) – Dated: 20 June 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Non-Payment of Prisoners Subsistence Allowance (PSA) to PNP Manned Jails – Dated: 26 Jan 2017.

Legal Opinion re: OIC-BJMP’s Scope, Extent and Character of Authority – Dated: 01 Mar 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Power to Administer Oath of BJMP Officials – Dated: 30 Jan 2012.

Legal Opinion re: Request for Granting of Benefits for Health Workers in the BJMP – Dated: 04 August 2015.

Legal Opinion re: Request for Reemployment of NUP Minnie S Montejo as Jail Officer 1(JO1) – Dated: 18 March 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Scope and Extent of Authority of JCSUPT SERAFIN P BARRETTO, JR, CESO IV Newly Designated OIC, BJMP – Dated: 12 Aug 2016.

Legal Opinion re: Service of Seach Warrant Inside BJMP Facilities – Dated: 14 Nov 2016.

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